Low Refund Rate

Registry Winner Low Refund Rate

Registry Winner has as low as 2% refund rate, which is the lowest in this industry. Plus friendly and professional customer support can reduce the refund rate and 100% guarantee your profits.

High Conversions

Registry Winner High Conversions

Registry Winner has as high as 2% conversion rate. With targetted keywords, generally there will bring 1 sale per 50-100 clicks. In other words, Registry Winner is absolutely the first choice for most affiliates to earn huge commissions and bonuses.

Landing Pages

Cloned Products

Registry Ok

Registry Ok Software

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Registry Victor

Registry Victor Software

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Different Product

PC Darling

PC Darling Software

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Registry Winner Affiliates Plans

Why Choose Registry Winner as Your Affiliate Partner?

Registry Winner is a quality and high-profits product just because of the four facts below:

As High As 75% Commissions + Extra Bonuses!

As Low As 2% Refund Rate

As Many As 28 Languages

Sold To More Than 80 Countries

As time goes by, Registry Winner has stood the test of time and quality, it almost converts on all types of traffic! Plus, it supports as many as 28 languages and is now being sold to more than 80 countries, Registry Winner offers more choices for affiliates to select the niche markets. With professional and timely online support and email support, Registry Winner only has 2% refund rate, which is the lowest in the industry. Combined with all advantages, Registry Winner also offers 5 Plans for affiliates to promote or cooperate with it. Surely, Registry Winner is the Best AND First Choice for Affiliates.

Earn 75%+ Bonuses on Every Sale!

Net Sales Per Month Bonus Per Net Sale
100-999 $2 per net sale
1000-2999 $3 per net sale
3000-9999 $4 per net sale
10000 + $5 per net sale

Five Ways to Promote or Cooperate With Registry Winner!

First Plan: Professional and Diversified Landing Pages - For Small Affiliates

We offer diversified landing pages with keywords targeted, while these landing pages are different from the traditional one-page landing pages. They have pages like "About Us", "Privacy Policy", "Support", "Download", "Screenshot", and all the related keywords pages which give visitors an impression of professional official site. Leave alone site design or DIV+CSS, just use our landing page templates now. Read more...

Second Plan: Pack the Registry Winner Software For You - For Ordinary Affiliates

What Is "Pack the Registry Winner Or An Independent Registry Winner EXE"?

A packed Registry Winner software is an independent EXE file and it contains affiliates' ID. When users click the Registry WInner Order button, it will record the affiliates' ID again, which is 100% safe and lost sales never occur anymore. Read more...

Third Plan: We Clone Registry Winner Software For You - For Medium Affiliates

If you sell more than 5 sales per day, you should consider to have an independent software of your own. Like Registry Ok software and Registry Victor software, they are both the cloned products of Registry Winner. Read more...

Fourth Plan: Make A Different Software and Launch It on CB - For Big Affiliates

If you want to have a different registry cleaner tool with Registry Winner, and you want to promote it with your own Clickbank account, then please refer to this Plan.


Fifth Plan: Make A Different Software & Give You Everything - For Super Affiliates

If you need a different software with Registry WInner, and you also want to own its source code, then join us this Plan. Read more...

Highly Recommended Products for Better Optimization:

Software Vendor XSoftware Vendor X can help affiliates be a vendor in a different way. Software Vendor X generates different & personalized software based on the one affiliates are promoting. And it utilizes the built-in technique that combines the affiliates' ID in the software, even though the customers do not order the product they just download right now, they transfer to order the other similar products, affiliates can also get the commissions.

Sale Management XSale Management X can help you build the payment system in just 5 minutes if you join us the Fourth or Fifth Plan. With Sale Management X, you do not have to spend lots of time studying how to build a product on Clickbank, Regnow and Paypal, etc. any more. You neither have to sit all day around the computer to generate and send SN nor manage refund. Leave these issues alone and let Sale Management X do it for you! Less Time and Efforts, Better Results and Higher Productivity!